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Ken Osborn Biography

Ken Osborn is the founder and executive director of the Communicative Interaction Awareness Institute and CEO of Ken Osborn Marketing Systems. He is the author of the popular book, "Stop the Lies!TM " and "A Pack of Lies TM ", a deception awareness flashcard learning system. He is a popular speaker and consultant. He has counseled thousands of individuals and companies over the past 20 years.

Mr Osborn has taught  Homeland security, Military and Police Officers as well as hundreds of public and private seminars and workshops at various locations including,  California State University, Learning Tree University, California Forensic ScienceAcademy, Orange Coast Community College, the cities of Anaheim, Brea, Corona and Long Beach as well as many corporate and non-profit organizations.  He has been praised as a popular keynote speaker for corporate conventions and is highly regarded as an effective communicator and renowned public speaker. 

Ken has written numerous articles for various publications.  His work has appeared on Entrepreneur.com, The Washington Post, Yahoo.com, the Executary, etc.  He has been a featured guest on television and radio programs including KABC7's Eyewitness News, MSNBC's "Your Business", VH1's Tough Love Couples, 100.3 KTLK FM and SyndicatedNews.net


"It is our ardent desire to equip men and women with technologically advanced communication tools, techniques and strategies to assist them in leading safer, happier, healthier, more prosperous, and fulfilling lives."
Ken Osborn, CIA Institute  951-496-4587 or email: getcia@aol.com